Jos Klarenbeek


Let´s have a discussion about our milk chain. What happens if we redivide our current dairy system? How would the chain from grass to cow to milk to consumer change if we woud take locality to the max by taking away all transport? The Cowtarium shows an alternative food chain visualized in a discussion table.

Winner Keep an Eye Grant 2015
Winner Milky way award Design Academy Eindhoven 2015
Winner Connect ring Design Academy Eindhoven 2015

Jury Keep an Eye Grant:
″Jos Klarenbeek´s analysis of the dairy production from cow to consumer is not only very complete, it is also very thorough and layered, without being judgemental. The way he visualises his research and how he translated this to a specific place in Veenhuizen is remarkable. Jos´ way of visualizing complex and layered systems can be perfectly used to facilitate the debate that comes with these big complex systems. The jury hopes he will continue analysing and visualising more of these humongous invisible systems. With this project Jos has won the Milky Way Award for his independent and thorough attitude and authentic approach. ″